Why don't you sell to retail box stores or pros?
The typical "name brand" clubs that sell for hundreds of dollars per club go through multiple middlemen and after major advertising they end up having a major price tag. We supply the best golf clubs in the world (made next to the "top" brands in the world) for about 1/3 the price. We golf too, so we don't think the retail model is cool either.

How Can LAZRUS Golf be contacted?

What is your shipping policy?
We ship everything mostly priority USPS but if we can somehow get your clubs to you faster through DHL or FEDEX we will. 

What are the LAZRUS Wedge Specs?
Degrees: 52, 56, 60

Length: 35 1/4

Forged Head

Bounce: 8, 10, 12

Shaft: Stepped Steel

What is the LAZRUS warranty?
1 year