Golf Wedges Set 52 56 60 degrees (Choose Color)  | LAZRUS Golf
Golf Wedges Set 52 56 60 degrees (Choose Color)  | LAZRUS Golf
Golf Wedges Set 52 56 60 degrees (Choose Color)  | LAZRUS Golf
Golf Wedges Set 52 56 60 degrees (Choose Color)  | LAZRUS Golf
Golf Wedges Set 52 56 60 degrees (Choose Color)  | LAZRUS Golf
Golf Wedges Set 52 56 60 degrees (Choose Color)  | LAZRUS Golf

Golf Wedges Set 52 56 60 degrees (Choose Color) | LAZRUS Golf

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best golf wedges sets new cheap golf club wedge set 52 56 60 degrees

  • This quality golf wedges set is made in the same place as some of the best golf brands in the world.

  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee

  • Best golf wedges for beginners, weekend warriors, everyday or scratch golfers!

  • 100% guarantee you will love this set

  • Forged

  • Milled face

  • Right handed & left handed available

  • Regular flex

  • 52 56 & 60 degree lofts

  • FREE Shipping

  • Limited time sale 

"Hey good evening guys. Just wanted to give y'all a little luv for these wedges. I'm 64 and have a 9.2  handicap from the white tees.... OUTSTANDING CLUBS!!!! and throw in the fact I bought 3 terrific wedges for less than one of the others.....Truly a bargain !!!!... Nicely balanced,....."feel" is superb, .....and the ball will check... HARD !!!  (I also 2 shots with the 56 from about 85 yards that spun back about 5 feet today .....These clubs are all you mention and more !! Thanks for wonderful customer service getting them to me, and thanks for a super wedge for an incredible price !!! I'll definitely spread the word !!"

Why buy a set of Lazrus over other golf wedge sets?
You get an entire set of the best golf club wedges for less than the price of one single club from a "top brand". The crazy thing is that our wedges are made in the same place as some of the top brands in the world. Don't settle for other golf wedge sets!

Backed by a 1 year warranty and 30 day guarantee.
It’s simple: Love them or send them back.

Lazrus Golf Wedge set specs:
Degrees: 52, 56, 60
Length: 35 1/4
Head: Forged with milled face
Golf Wedge Bounces: 8, 12, 10
Shaft: Stepped steel

Enjoy one of the best golf club wedges sets on the market! Backed by our guarantee!

What’s in it for you?
A $350+ set of 3 golf wedges for a fraction of the price.

As golfers, when we set out to build world class golf clubs we had to ask ourselves what the focal point and main reason for doing so was? Our first priority was to cut out the middleman and big retail prices so we could provide golfers the absolute highest quality clubs at the best price possible.

Are they really THAT good?
Our clubs are built in the same place as some of the top brands of the world that go for thousands of dollars a set.

Do I need to be a PRO to swing them?
Absolutely not. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to golf or if you’ve golfed since you were 5 years old. We understand that golf is your passion and you love golf. Most people can’t afford a set of clubs that cost thousands of dollars per set so that is when Lazrus Golf was born. Our clubs will accommodate you if you’re a beginner or are more than enough if you are a seasoned golfer as well. 

Do we REALLY stand behind our clubs?
We absolutely stand behind our 30 day on course guarantee and if you don't love them (we know you will) don't hesitate to send them back. Lazrus golf clubs also come with a 1 year warranty. We hope to revolutionize the game of golf by cutting out the middleman, big prices and delivering happiness on and off the course for you. One stroke at a time!

Most things in golf boil down to quality and price. We guarantee you that we have combined the two and put out something that golf has never seen before. As your fellow golfers, we encourage you to reach out to us if you ever have a question or concern. After all we’re here for you. Check out our golf wedge reviews below!