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Lazrus Golf Wedges Set Bundle (3 wedges, Head Covers, Glove & Towel)

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best golf wedges sets new cheap golf club wedge set 52 56 60 degrees
  • Includes a wedge set (52,56,60), golf towel, glove and 3 head covers 
  • This premium quality golf wedge set is made in the same place as some of the best golf brands in the world.
  • 30 Day money-back guarantee
  • Perfect for all skill levels
  • Fits 99% of golfers
  • Right handed & left hand (Glove fits the LH)
  • Forged head
  • Regular flex shafts
  • Stepped steel shafts
  • 52 (8 bounce), 56 (12 bounce), 60 degree (10 bounce)
  • Standard 35 1/4 length
  • Milled face for extra spin and control
  • Tens of thousands sold worldwide
  • Free USA Shipping.
  • Free Canada Shipping for orders over $75

Recent Reviews

"Just had a hole in one with the 52 degree.. 136 yards 💯💯💯🔥🔥 Spun it back 9-10 feet.. 🙏🏼🙏🏼" - Kirk C

"I bought the 52, 56, 60 wedge set and love it so far after playing a handful of rounds with them. Great feel and weight and I'm getting spin with these that I wasn't getting with my other wedges" - Shawn B

"For this price it's a no brainer!!.. Great product, nice feel and they look great... The 56 goes a little farther than my old 56 degree which is exactly what I wanted.. Nice feel to the grips too" - Brady M

"I just got mine today and played with them, they are amazing never got so much action with my wedges!!!!"- Dustin B

"Ive played 8 times since I bought these wedges.....luv them more and more !!!!! Dont get me wrong, still need to put a good strike with them, but if you do, the clubs will do their job....fantastic wedge at a fantastic price!!!!" - Daryl C

"I just got my rainbow wedges and played a round yesterday and I was able to get alot of action around the greens with my 60 degree. The turf interaction was great with all 3 wedges and I was able to flight my wedges down and hit low spinners more consistently. I am a 3 handicap playing out of San Diego California and I approve this message!!!! And not to mention I already got multiple compliments on the beauty and look of the wedges. I am going to recommend these to every golfer I cross." - Garret W

"Just played them for first time. They’re excellent! Never had much backspin... until today!" - Michael G

"Got a 52,56 and 60. Never had as much control and ability to generate spin on my wedge shots as I do with these. Delighted I got them" - Gary S

"This is a great deal. I have tons of wedges, backups, etc. But if you are looking to replace your wedges this is best deal on the market" - Worth B

"These are great clubs! Extra spin with the milled face.👍👍" - Steve R

"Love my LAZRUS wedges!!" - Michael G

"These golf wedges are very comparable to what I play in my bag which are C******* and V****"

"More spin than any other wedge I've ever owned...great price too."

"(Weekend warrior golfer) Tried these wedges for first time this weekend. Hit some of the crispiest approaches I've ever hit. That milled face really gets the ball to bite the greens. Actually had to use my divot repair tool for once! Short of being a tour pro I couldn't see why someone wouldn't enjoy these wedges for the price."

"They are a great improvement over my wore out C******* wedges. I was able to replace all wedges for less than replacing one. control is really good. If you are looking to replace your wedges I recommend giving them a try." 


Why buy a set of Lazrus golf wedges over other golf wedge sets? 
You get an entire set of the premium quality golf club wedges for less than the price of one single club from a "top brand". Our wedges are made in the same place as some of the top brands in the world. Truly backed by a 1 year warranty and 30 day guarantee.

Lazrus golf wedge set specs:
Degrees: 52, 56, 60
Length: 35 1/4
Head: Forged & milled face
Wedge Bounces: 8, 12, 10
Shaft: Stepped steel
Flex: Standard

What’s in it for you?
A $450+ set of 3 golf wedges for only a fraction! As golfers, when we set out to build world-class golf clubs, we had to ask ourselves what the focal point and main reason for doing so was? Our first priority was to cut out the middleman and big retail prices so we could provide golfers the absolute highest quality clubs at the best price possible.

Are they really THAT good?
1000+ positive reviews and tens of thousands sold all over the world.

Do I need to be a PRO to swing them?
Absolutely not. Our clubs accommodate 99% of all golfers. It doesn’t matter if you’re brand new to golf or if you’ve been golfing since you were 5 years old. We understand that golf is your passion and you love golf. Most people can’t afford a set of clubs that cost thousands of dollars per set. Our clubs will work for you if you’re just a beginner and are more than enough if youre a seasoned golfer. 

Do we REALLY stand behind our clubs?
We absolutely stand behind our 30 day on course guarantee and if you don't love them (we know you will) don't hesitate to send them back. Lazrus golf clubs also come with a 1 year warranty.